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  2. fe26eagle said: What gun would you use to take down a Titan?



    High Impulse Weapon System

    the fuck is that?

    If I remember correctly it uses ‘pure kinetic energy’ to fire, so no actual explosion occurs for the projectile to be launched.

    For obvious reasons, it isn’t very practical and I believe it was more of a proof of concept than anything else.

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    I’m sad that this is apparently fake because it’s literally all I ever wanted out of dark souls 2

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    Honest to god if HTTYD 2 doesn’t win the Oscar next year Imma have to kill a bitch 

    I JUST SAW THE FISRT 2 SECOND AND I CREID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG WATCH IT’S AMAIZING! GODS!!!! TAKE MEEEEEEE

    Holy fucking shit, this is legitimately pretty groundbreaking.

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    Hey cupcake~ you don’t wear tailcoat? HAHAHA

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    Tokyo Rose (July 2015) - Sean Gordon Murphy, Rick Remender

    Sean Murphy, from The Wake, Joe the Barbarian and Punk Rock Jesus has a new tale in store and it looks to be a beautiful narrative of a possible future.

    In a thematic crossover between Blade Runner, Transmetropolitan and Wall-E, far in the future, technological advancement is no longer under the thumb of the law and runs unchecked. Media has enveloped the lives of many and consumption of it determines who you are. Debbie and Led are two mercenary law enforcement agents who try to corral what they can of the criminals who run afoul of the law. But their latest assignment will send them to Tokyo… the last place on earth untouched by modern technology and media of any kind. A massive EMP prevents any sort of electrical machinery from operation, and the city has become an unheardof oasis of back-to-the-earth naturalism.

    Debbie is a woman who finds solace in a life detached from media, and struggles to control Led who is increasingly enraptured by it and influenced by its overtly sexual and violent subject matter. Like other works of SGM’s, this is bound to have a strong sociopolitical commentary, but what that is is yet to be seen.

    I cannot wait to shove this into my eyeballs 

    This looks BEASTLY.

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    Hourly Comics Day was February first. I did this year’s comics in marker in a real book, and I finally got around to scanning them.

    Hope y’all dudes and dudettes had a great day also! You can see how I spent the day last year here.

    As always, you can follow my shenanigans and goings-on on facebook, if you so prefer. Folks keep trying to persuade me to do this twitter thing I’m hearing so much about. Is it time for me to take the plunge?

    The book of Mormon followed immediately by Kill la Kill is probably one of the most hilariously out of place thing I have ever heard of.

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    Viktor and Caitlyn.. I feel that they could have been good friends. They both share a vision of progress for their own city states, but their ideological differences will put too many misunderstandings between them.

    Stairs. He hated stairs. He did his best to suppress every grunt, but his bad leg continued to pain him. There could have been a more convenient meeting place, one that didn’t require him to climb so many stairs. Troubles came all at once, it seemed. But at least he was on time.

    On the balcony, he could finally put a figure to the voice on the telephone. He watches her in silence a moment, giving himself a chance to catch his breath, and for the ache where flesh met steel in his left leg a chance to fade. And to study her. She doesn’t look like she sounded. In fact, she seems far too… what is the word? … gaudy. Far too gaudy in dress, far too soft in looks, for the brisk and efficient tone that he had heard across the line, the voice requesting this meeting. Still, there was no-one else on this balcony. 

    He clears his throat. ”As requested, I am here.”

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    V needs to hit that v.


  9. Anonymous said: How does Kriss's recoil reduction system work?



    When the weapon fires. there is a force that pushes backwards in line with the bore. Normally this force would cause the weapon to “kick”  which usually causes the muzzle to rise and to move off target. In the Kriss the bolt moves on a cam that moves a counterweight downward, redirecting the recoil force in a way that attempts to counteract the normal rearward kick and muzzle rise.

    but i love my upward kick….

    The Kriss-V remains one of the fucking coolest guns ever, along with the P90, and G36.

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    Darkwraith Zed \o/

    Why has this not been done before?

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    Everything intensified.


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    when you finish a drawing and you like it 











    I will never not reblog this.

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    The Last Knight~

    Prepare to Cry